Change Board Recertification is a national movement of physicians committed to reforming the Board Recertification process so we are better able to serve the needs of our patients.

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Change Board Recertification Mission

Change Board Recertification is an informational gateway providing news about Maintenance of Certification (MOC). We are a national movement of physicians working to reform decades-old medical recertification practices and MOC.

Physicians are united in our number-one concern: allocating time, energy and resources to patient care. We agree that staying up to date is essential, but the existing MOC process neither qualifies physicians nor protects patients, nor have its requirements been proven to indicate a physician's overall competency.

Many physicians and leaders in organized medicine are questioning the validity of MOC, citing issues of age discrimination, redundancy and complexity of requirements, lengthiness and overall cost.

Change Board Recertification is supported by physicians across the country with one clear-cut mission: to reform the procedures and practices of Board Recertification and MOC.

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